Halloween-y Bloom Arrangements

With the year’s scariest time just knocking at your doorstep, you must have started to think about spooky decorations. You must be imagining different (and weird) ways in which you can design your walls, tabletops and doorsteps amongst other things. Off the top of your head, all you can think about is spiders, witches and ghouls. You want to make sure that your Halloween party lingers in people's minds just like your food.


While paper, Styrofoam and pumpkins will come to rescue for your bone-chilling Halloween arrangements. But, there are some flowers that you can consider for this. Did you know that? We want to tell you why you might want to consider flowers this year. Flowers are available in a variety of different colors, including autumn oranges, yellows and rust. Tulips, daisies and lilies will wonderfully complement your traditional embellishments. Hydrangeas are a great choice as well. Halloween flower arrangements can take your decorations to the next level this year. Your decorations will look amazing no doubt, but your home will also be smelling like autumn within 4 walls.


There are many ways in which you can turn Halloween-y bloom arrangements into the talk of the town. We have a few ideas that you just might love.

Halloween Gift Baskets

Visiting your loved ones this Halloween? Don't forget to gift them a beautiful flower basket which you can make yourself. Everyone loves a basket, bursting with vibrant colors, right?


All you need is a regular basket. Now fill in some candies that your hosts would love and some flowers which will always remind them of you. Hydrangeas, Peonies, Roses go really well with baskets. Don't forget to add in fake spiders and cobwebs here and there. 

Flower Wreaths

How spooky would it be if your door also announces the arrival of Halloween? You can trying making your own wreath. For a scary Halloween wreath, get some flowers in orange, yellow and red shade onto a twig wreath. Complete the look by adding some dry twigs and branches. If you paint them black, that would take the look to a whole next level. 


Similarly, you could make a flower tiara to accompany your Halloween outfit/costume. No doubt you will be the most stylish witch in town. Orange, red are the shades to go with for that.

Pumpkins and Jack-o-lanterns

Jack-o-lantern is as Halloween-y as it gets. You can set up a couple of bright pumpkins at your front porch or indoors as well. Another spooky addition would be a few pumpkins with flowers attached to them. Fully cover the pumpkins with daisies to make them glitter.


You can also empty out the insides of the pumpkins and replace your regular vases with these. Fill your house with these then.
Aren't these ideas amazing? Your turn now!

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