Gerbera Daisy - An Epitome of Purity, Innocence and Beauty

Looking for a perfect alternative for roses, because they've become too mainstream now? Check no further!

If there's one bloom that can replace the charm that roses have, it has to be Gerbera Daisy! Gerbera daisies are commonly known for their cheerful and bright colored flowers. Originating from South Africa, these beautiful blooms come in many colors like white, yellow and pink. Gerbera flowers bloom from late spring to autumn.

The gerbera daisy represents beauty, innocence, and sheer purity. One glance at this bloom, and you will be filled with a rejuvenating energy due to its bright, vibrant and yet elegant color shades. Gerbera Daisies are so exuberant that they can just brighten up anyone's mood. When a person feels down or in sorrow, due to hardships of life, the perfect flower to give to lighten up their spirits and give hope is the gerbera flower.

This bloom is perfect to mend a broken heart. Roses are a cliché at times, one has to agree. When clouds of gloom are just not ready to move away a bit, a gerbera flower can invite everyone to keep a smile through the storm. Its bright and attractive colors have created a perfect blend of peace and comfort, making this flower a popular one.

Botanical Name

Gerbera Jamesonii

Common Name

Gerbera Daisy


10-18 inch tall, 3-4 inch wide


Yellow, Pink, Orange, White, Red.

Bloom Time

Summer through fall

Native Region



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