Summer Blooms and Why They Are Special?

Falling between the spring and autumn, the summer season comes with a lot of hopes and promises about what lies ahead. The three summer months - June, July and August have a reputation of being often associated with adjectives like serene, delightful, magnificent and bright.

It's always these summer months when we get to see some truly fantastic flowers. When we think of summer, the few shades that pop up into our minds are yellow, baby pink, maroon, and red etc. Shockingly, these shades share a striking resemblance with the shades of these summer blooms. Though these flowers have a very limited shelf life, they fulfill their purpose of uplifting the ambience of a place and boy, they do a great job!


1. Peonies:

Marco Polo had once described Peonies as “roses as big as cabbages”. Trust us, they're exactly that. Peony plants offer big, fluffy, fragrant flowers in a wide range of colors, forms, and sizes. These resilient, long-lived bushes have a history of fame as garden plants. They're a perfect embodiment of the sun because of their large shape, which also makes them heavy. Peonies are in their complete glory from spring to summer. Romantic and opulent, peonies look beautiful in a vase, and they last well once cut. Lesser known fact, peonies have had a place in traditional Chinese medicine. They are still grown commercially as their roots are used to treat inflammation.


2. Hydrangeas:

Hydrangeas make their presence felt in every place they're put. These blooms change their shades based on the pH levels of their soil. They are big, full, lush blooms which have a unique charm of their own. A Hydrangea bouquet makes an instant elegant impact.


3. Carnations:

Do you love someone? But still want to play it slow? Then carnations are the best blooms for you. These convey the message of pure, innocent love. Carnations can symbolize new beginnings and strong established relationships.


4. Gerbera:

If there's any bloom that defines a Summer through its own shape and shade, then it has to be a Gerbera. It is a cheerful, bold bloom, which is very easy on the eyes. Thus, it makes for a good summer gift. Any Gerbera arrangement within four walls, can add a sprinkle of color in that place.


5. Calla Lilies:

Calla Lilies last for a long time. So you know that you're in for a treat even during the summer. These trumpet shaped blooms ooze a sense of elegance and grace that makes them irresistible.



What are you waiting for? Choose your bloom wisely!