Peonies-Roses As Big As Cabbages

It is said that Marco Polo - the Venetian merchant, explorer and writer was a bit of a flower enthusiast. When he came across Peonies for the first time, he is said to have described them as 'ROSES AS BIG AS CABBAGES'! Peonies certainly can grow incredibly large, as big as 10 inches in diameter. Well, Marco Polo was really onto something, wasn't he?

Peony flowers represent so many things one can't even imagine. There was a time when Victorians would dug a peony believing fairies would come. Some were of the opinion that drying out peonies can attract bad luck. So everyone has always looked after peonies with utmost love and care.

In Japan, peonies are touted as the 'King of Flowers'. They are used in many religious, cultural festivities. They are considered as a symbol of honor, good luck and bravery.  In general otherwise, prosperity, honor, luck are some virtues that are associated with Peonies.

Peonies prefer a sunny location with well-drained soil. Good air circulation around the plant is also important. Peonies are certainly beautiful and this is the reason why they are expensive too. Peonies usually cost twice than roses and are bigger too. Now you can really compare them properly.

If you do a deeper research, you'll realize that different shades of peonies represent different things. The white peonies are a great choice to gift when you are regretting something you did, or when you're being apologetic for the right reasons.

Pink peonies symbolize prosperity, affluence and good fate, thereby making them a perfect gift for occasions like wedding, baby showers etc. Exactly like red roses, red peonies represent passionate love. A great substitute for an otherwise cliché choice to gift to your significant other.