Blue Thistle

Blue Thistle

Because of its prickly edged leaves, Thistle is known to protect the home from unfriendly visitors all the while giving off a chic urban flair. Available in a 10 stem bunch as shown.

Flower care tips

Prep your

Fill a very clean vase 3/4 to the top with filtered, room temperature water and flower food. Make sure your stems aren't too crowded!

Trim the

Snip stems diagonally under running water, and also pluck any leaves that will fall below the waterline in the vase. Place the flowers in water immediately after prepping!

Sun protection

Keep your blooms away from direct sunlight, which can cause them to wilt. To give them an extra freshness boost, keep them in the fridge (Between 40 & 50 degrees) at night.

Freshen up
the water

Don't forget to give your flowers equal amounts of water and love! Keep your flowers well fed by adding water to the vase and changing the water every 24-48 hours. Occasional misting helps keep the flowers looking fresh.

Blue Thistle
Blue Thistle


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Holland, France, South Africa -- if the best blooms are blossoming on a far-away farm, you'll still have them in time for whatever the mood.


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