Playa Blanca Roses


The white rose is the purest of all of the colors and is considered a symbol of innocence, purity, new beginnings and charm. Although they are a classically traditional addition to many weddings, do not overlook the simple elegance and the extraordinary sophistication of the Playa Blanca for other special occasions or events. Playa Blanca is an easy rose to incorporate into any arrangement, design or style, and can achieve many floral effects — from subtle romance and charm to springtime freshness and the iciness of winter. Add Playa Blanca’s complex brilliance to a variety of different seasonal flowers and see her amazing transformation and versatility.

Your Roses are delivered with 24 stems. 

Order before 1 PM and get them delivered the Same Day! 

Note: Vase not included. Add a Glass Vase to your order for just $18

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