South American Hydrangea

South American Hydrangea

Hydrangeas are the statement-makers of flowers. Their full, lush flowering blooms come in a variety of hues, changing based on the pH levels of their soil. A Hydrangea bouquet makes an instant elegant impact. Available. 

Your Hydrangeas are delivered with 10 stems a bundle.

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Flower care tips

Prep your

Fill a very clean vase 3/4 to the top with filtered, room temperature water and flower food. Make sure your stems aren't too crowded!

Trim the

Snip stems diagonally under running water, some people will even cut slits or fray the ends of the stems a little to absorb more water. Place the flowers in water immediately after prepping!

Sun protection

Keep it out of drafty areas and direct sunlight to prevent the flowers from drying. If petals start to wilt, submerge entire flower head in cool water for approximately 20 minutes.

Freshen up
the water

Don't forget to give your flowers equal amounts of water and love! Keep your flowers well fed by adding water to the vase and changing the water every 24-48 hours. Occasional misting helps keep the flowers looking fresh.

South American Hydrangea
South American Hydrangea
Pale Blue
Green & White
Jumbo White


Our flowers just can't be fresher. We ship them farm-direct and hand-deliver them to your front door.

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Holland, France, South Africa -- if the best blooms are blossoming on a far-away farm, you'll still have them in time for whatever the mood.


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