A Universal Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day - Perhaps one of the very few days when it doesn't matter where you're from, which country, religion, gender, color you have, you take your time out for that one person who means the world to you. That's right! Mother's Day holds a special place in our hearts. Our mothers sacrifice so much for us, that out of that respect, even if not for the entire year, we always ensure to make this day worth remembering for them!


The date of this celebration may vary everywhere, but the emotion¬†that it carries, is universal. It was in¬†1914¬†when¬†President Woodrow Wilson signed a bill designating the second Sunday in May as a legal holiday to be called ‚ÄúMother‚Äôs Day‚ÄĚ dedicated ‚Äúto the best mother in the world, your mother.‚ÄĚ

Although for the initial years the day was observed as a legal holiday, what followed was the secular reverence held in the honor of all mothers, living and dead.

Selecting the perfect gift for Mother's Day celebration can be quite a pickle. There are just so many options available these days, that it's obvious to lose your mind to just pick one. Also, we have to ensure the fact that our gift comes from within, and symbolizes utter gratitude that we have for our mothers. Why you ask? Well, actions do really louder than words.

While chocolates and jewelry remain the popular choices, why not dig in some more options like these: 

1. Coffee and Tea

One of the most convenient, old-school and a rich choice of gift would be a brewtiful Coffee or Tea product. It could be a box of some oriental class tea bags, or an aromatic coffee. You will know it's a winner when you'll see your mother lost in the ecstasy of the fond memories she had with this gift. Not to forget tea and some single blooms is a combination that can overwhelm your mother. 

2. Flowers

Trust us when we say that flowers are a weak point, and not just for the mothers. Flowers and a few hours spent with your mother is no match to any other gift. Gifting a bunch of pink roses or a combination of various flowers can surely keep her elated for a long time. There is no-one in this world, who won't be calmed by some pristine, show-quality flowers.

3. Audiobooks

What a perfect gift to give to a modern mother! If she's into gadgets, techno-stuff, then audiobooks are a great gift for sure. In addition to that, just imagine the joy on her face that she doesn't have to read the books anymore. She can just plug her headphones in, and listen to her books on a lazy afternoon.

4. Bath Essentials

Now this is a gift that doesn't come to our minds quickly. However, bathing essentials is definitely something that your mom can appreciate. Keeping that aside, the points for your creativity and thought, can make you her favorite child. Well, not literally. Remember to gift some flowers along, that will help enhance the ambience.

Whichever gift you choose, make sure that when you give it, you're doing it out of respect and love for your mother. There's no meaning to this beautiful celebration, if you do it as a necessity.

Happy Mother's Day!